Caring For A Septic Tank

When someone purchases a new home, they will soon find out there are several areas within the household needing routine maintenance so they run properly. The septic system is one of these systems. It is important to have septic system inspections done routinely, as well as right after moving into the home. This is because it will be unknown when the previous owner had the septic tank cleaned or repaired.

When calling a septic tank service, ask for a septic tank cleaning. The service will pump out all matter in the tank and do a visual inspection of the tank to see if there are areas needing repair. They will then take a look at the piping system to make sure the matter is being pumped to the leach field without incident. It is important to ask the service for a recommended schedule for clean outs. They will know how often the tank should be pumped according to the number of people in the home, the size of the tank, and the habits the people display with water habits.

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To keep the tank in the best of condition, it is a good idea to limit the amount of water usage done in the home. This can be done by making repairs to leaking faucets and by taking time to turn off faucets when they are not needed. The people in the household should take care in avoiding the flushing of non-biodegradable materials into drains or toilets. The material may be too big for the pump to push it out to the piping system. It may then seize the motor or become stuck in the pipes, causing unfortunate septic backups or bursts.

It is also important to avoid putting any type of chemical down a drain. This can alter the consistency of the material in the septic tank. This will also have dire consequences to the piping system and can cause a back up into the home as well.

Taking the time to watch what is put down drains can extend the life of a septic system. Making sure to have routine appointments for clean outs and inspections will also keep the system in the best of condition.